Pinterest: Home of the DIY Projects

(Don’t worry. The irony of calling this blog ‘How Pinteresting’ and not writing about its namesake has not escaped me. So here we go…)

In the world of social media, Pinterest can often be overshadowed. Businesses are more interested in the big players like Facebook and Twitter. However, Pinterest offers a really unique platform that caters to those who enjoy visuals. But don’t take that as its underused, it actually has over 100 million active users. For businesses, there are now business profiles meaning organisations can take advantage of Pinterest and advertising.

Sephora's profile found success through curating exciting pins

Sephora’s profile found success through curating exciting pins

So here’s how it works: basically, you can ‘pin’ images to your ‘pin boards’ and organise content based on different categories. For example, a pin board could be dedicated to recipes. But honestly, there are pin boards for just about everything – products, articles, destinations, movies… the list never ends. For example, make up company Sephora has a pin board for ‘eyes’, ‘lips’, ‘makeup of the day’ and so forth. These boards act as a way to collate a load of visual information, which users can then view and follow.

The beauty of Pinterest for businesses is that a low follower count does not indicate how far a piece of content will go. In the case of Instagram, it’s really only followers who consistently see your content. However, on Pinterest, you can encourage re-pinning, meaning people can take pins and put them on their own board. Subsequently, a pin can travel far and wide into many different news feeds whether they follow you or not.

Pinterest is home of DIY projects galore

Pinterest also offers free analytics for a business account. This means you don’t really have to delve into third-party apps in order to get the juicy information. So when you link a product or a service on a pin (which, by the way, you can direct users towards), you can find out just how many people are engaging via the pin.

For any business that has very visual products, this platform is definitely worth a look. It requires time and investment, but many success stories  have proven it’s a force to be reckoned with on the social media landscape.

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