BREAKING: Insights have finally arrived on Instagram & it’s glorious.

In perhaps the biggest advancement for businesses since it launched advertising, Instagram has now introduced analytics. Now businesses, of all shapes and sizes, have access to detailed reports on their posts and audiences. Instagram is cooking with gas.

It seems only logical that this is the next step Instagram would take. The platform has grown huge with 500 million users, of which 300 million use it everyday. It has also become a hub for businesses with 50% of users following a business and 60% learning about goods and services on the platform. Now the introduction of analytics will seriously step up some business game.

But how? Let’s look at the major additions.


Fancy new dashboard with fancy new statistics (Image source)


No need to guess who you’re followers are anymore! (image source)


If you ever wondered who on earth is following you, well now you know! Quite specifically actually, with detailed reports into age, gender, location and activity.

Having this information will help businesses in determining who to target for their Instagram advertising.

It also means businesses can begin to monitor the best time to post based on follower activity. For small businesses who probably don’t utilise third party apps, this will be a game changer.


Now all will be revealed about just how effective a hashtag is. Insights allows businesses to see reach, impressions and engagement of a post. They even provide a handy little description of each (thanks Instagram 😘).

This means businesses can begin to see what posts are more popular over others, and just how many people are looking at the bait but not biting. From this, they can begin to curate better posts that are tailored to what they know, from empirical evidence, is likely to be well received.


Happy dancing for Call To Actions!

Business Profile

For everyone who understands the struggle of having only ONE link in their bio, then REJOICE! A contact button has arrived 🎉 When clicked, the button will provide an option to call, email or ‘get directions’ which leads to Maps. The best part about the button is that it is front and centre. Users no longer have to implement some FBI grade detective skills to locate a mere phone number. Gone are the days!

In essence, these additions are really for the little guys. Big organisations would have been accessing this information from third party apps for a while now. But times are changing, and this update truly epitomises the notion of equal opportunities provided by social media. Get ready Instagram, the teatox ads are coming.


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