I’ll take one #flatwhite, please.

My first sip of coffee at eight-years-old was a traumatising experience. It was my Mother’s long black, no less, which is a beverage I believe is reserved for those with no taste buds. As you can imagine, for an eight year old whose self-proclaimed favourite food was “lollies”, I did not warmly welcome the bitter taste of coffee. I said to myself: Never. Again.

Enter Australian cafe culture. I can’t tell you exactly when it happened but some clever person discovered the power of an avocado and we haven’t looked back since. It is a delicious movement, and one that is founded heavily on the craft of taking a good picture of food. Social media has released a new age whereby consumers now have the opportunity to thoroughly research an establishment before attending. The new word of mouth now lies within Instagram hashtags and cafe check ins.

Paddock Bakery

Breakfast and Crew 🤘🏼 Sunday’s looking good 🌭🍳☕️
An image uploaded by Paddock Bakery

One cafe that has not overlooked the power of a good food pic is Paddock Bakery. A crowd favourite among GC locals, the food is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. With over 30k followers on Instagram, Paddock’s social media epitomises the age old maxim: a picture is worth 1000 words. It’s almost diabolical how effective of a tactic this is. In fact, a 2012 study did confirm the obvious: seeing delicious food actually does make one hungry . Now, more than ever, we eat with our eyes and an aesthetically pleasing meal is a very real precursor into influencing perceptions on how good it will taste. Perfecting the art of filtering the foam on top of a latte is a tactic that can and will elicit a customer response. 

Another factor driving the foodie social media trend is the “social” component of eating. Sharing an image of your food resonates with the communal setting of the dinner table; now it’s just a dinner table shared with the whole world, In addition this, Millennials are seeking the trendiest cafes so they can ‘gram their latte and acai bowl before anyone else does .

What emerges from this combination of active consumers, their food sharing, and the power of a quality food image, is the winning trend for cafes and selling mugs upon mugs of flat whites.

So, having watched the #coffee explode on my feed, I did eventually get sucked into having coffee again post-long-black-incident. Now, like the rest of my Gen Y cohort, I am an admitted cafe addict and the mere image of a cappuccino is enough to send me spiralling. All thanks to Instagram and a couple of cleverly crafted images of coffee…

Feature image courtesy of magazine.com


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